Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baseball Bat as a weapon

The Chinese New Year is approaching, and i can foresee i will have more lonely nights with my kids without my man along. He will have more dinners to attend before Chinese New Year, the dinner to serve as appreciation dinner with his staffs, and he will have dinner with the bankers, dinner with his football team as well as dinner with his basketball teams. Oh, and the annual dinner of his company, see, there are 5 dinners to go, and i have not mentioned those days he needs to go out for soccer play and basketball play.

The peace here will always go wild whenever the Chinese New Year is approaching, the robbers will definitely come out to hunt for their quarry. That's why i seriously thinking to get the Baseball Bats for myself so that i have extra weapon to protect myself as well as my kids whenever my hubby is not around. So, do you think i really need it? LOL

Staying here really boring, no relatives no friends, then even need to worry the safety whenever the man is not at home. Maybe i should have opted the alarm system too. My maid even said better don't hold bag while going out. Sounds so serious.

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