Friday, January 18, 2008

I am pregnant!

What comes to your mind when you read this I am pregnant from your feed reader? I guess you would put down all your works on hands and come to my blog and of course would leave a "CONGRATULATIONS" in my comment box.

Well, i am quite satisfied my current family plan, two are actually enough for me though i am so craving to have a girl. Actually this is just my plan as my man prefers to have another boy again, he said the more the merrier, but he never count girl into his family plan. Yeah, he doesn't like girl at all. Like what he said, having daughter will be more headache. But of course, he also will dote on his daughter if he really has one.

My friend who had miscarriage last October finally pegnant again now. It's really a great news for her and she said she screamed out when she saw the double line showed on the pregnancy test kit. She just couldn't believe her eyes as she has been hearing that a lady would have difficulty to get pregnant again if she had suffered the miscarriage before. She is very warying now as she worries she will be having another round of miscarriage. Gosh, thinking negative really not good to her and will gradually affect the fetus's emotion too.

I suggested my friend takes a look on Gurgle, which the site provides all the regarding information that a pregnant lady needs the most. She said she is suffering a serious morning sickness these days, she would vomit even only take a look on the fish without tasting it. It sounds so terrible, and i am thankful that i didn't suffer any morning sickness other than having fever and flu during my early days of pregnancy.

Hope she can get her Antenatal Care ready instead of letting her fears swimming around her brain. It's exhausted for a pregnant lady to bear it.

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