Monday, January 07, 2008

Crystal Wedding

I still look pale after a day of resting. The stomach ache still here to give me a very uncomfortable feel. But i have to buck up myself to finish my errands before i can really go to rest.

I have to fetch my boy around 4:30pm later, means that i only have another 2 hours to update my blog and do some blog hoppings. Gosh, today is a busy day for me as today is the first day for my boy backs to school again. I was expecting a cranky boy i would have, but VOILA, he was very well behaved this morning and even no crying when i left him at school. *Thumb up for him*

I went for a crystal shop to hunt for a crystal pen after sending my boy to school this morning even though i have bad stomach ache, but found nothing and the shop owner told me it is not easy to find crystal pen here. Actually i really don't understand why my future-SIL has insisted to use crystal pen during her wedding registration day with my brother, is it any special meaning? Only she knows..

Other than the crystal pen, she has been ordered a Custom Crystal Attire at, see, another crystal stuff again! As for their wedding rings, i guess she will definitely choose crystal rings too.

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