Thursday, January 03, 2008

Local or International School?

My son is going back to school on next Monday, actually i am quite doubt whether he can cope with the new school environment or not, and actually i can foresee how's my next Monday look like. He probably not willing be changed into his school uniform, not willing to wake up earlier, not willing to wear his socks and shoes, and not willing to move his legs out to the main door. Sigh...sending him to school is actually like torturing him.

Friend of mine asked me how much i paid for his school fee, it's RMB1380/month, well, just don't compare the Malaysia school fee as it can't compare at all. How to compare in term of standard, quality of teaching, quality of his peers and etc. This price is actually enough for me to pay 3 month of fees in Malaysia. Some more, the school just a normal local school, so do you think is worth to pay this money? Like my man said, there is no worth or worth when comes to education, so, just see how my son going to mingle with those local kids.

In fact, the fee i pay is considered cheap if compare with those sending their kids to International School, my friend needs to pay HKD7000 for her daughter every month, and another friend who is staying in Beijing needs to pay RMB6000/month for just a little play school. Gosh, you think money is so easy to be earned? I don't think my man can afford this enormous fee, some more we have 2 kids too, then i would rather choose to send my kids to local school than International school. Though some of my friends have been urging me to think of International School, but i really don't want to stress my man and i don't hope to see we end up have to take cash advance for paying those school fees.

I know some neighbor parents even take up the cash loans just because they want their kids be educated in fine schools. As for me, i would rather use the cash loan for other purposes. How about you?

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