Friday, January 04, 2008

My Google Reader is clean now!

Yipie yipie...i finally cleared my Google Reader, and there is no pending post waiting for me to take a look! Woo....people seldom blog? Or, people still in holiday mood? Haha...definitely not! Just because those advertisers have not started pouring the offers to posties, and just because most of the posties are having big fat zero for their page rank. My Google Reader is seldom flooded by pending posts lately due to the PR demotion. So, good news or bad news? Emm...actually is bad news! I would rather prefer my Reader being flooded than no money grows in my PayPal.


Hazel said...

wow can online while u are washing ur hair so smart..

Montessorimum said...

My blogline feed is still flooded after I was away for 4 days (total 800++)...I skipped many of it... :P

My paypal also kosong lately...sian

shern's mom said...

adoi, my google reader is never clean, unless i clear it all without readin.