Thursday, January 03, 2008

Online while washing my hair

I went to salon for washing my hair after lunch dating with my man. The salon is very hi-tech as i could online while the shampoo girl was washing my hair. The internet service is quite common in fast food chains and actually it is normal to surf internet while we're in KFC, McD, Starbucks as well as Coffee Bean, but this is really a first time for me to go to this hi-tech salon for washing hair and surfing internet at the same time.

I even could complete my 2 posts and chatting with 4 ladies while washing my hair. LOL. Fortunately the shampoo girl doesn't know how to read English, if not, it is really inconvenient to chat with my friends. :)

Surfing internet is hot selling point for this salon, aside from that, i even found there are some Quality Bar Stools at the other end of the salon. Means that people can sit on the bar stools while having their hairdo, and people are entitled to have some wine as well as beers. Sound so hi-tech, isn't it? But make sure you bring enough money for paying the enormous hairdo service charges. Some more, their stylists were graduated from famous beauty schools, that's why it is pretty common for you to pay few hundreds to have a simple hair cut from this salon.

Anyway, i will go for the hairdo before Chinese New Year though their skill of washing hair is not as good as the salon that i used to go. But i just want a famous hair stylist to cut my hair. :)


Jacelyn Chew said...

wow! hou yeh ar!! can surf net while washing hair. actually i've been thinking of this too when i was dying my hair last Monday! And here i found this idea exactly real in life at ur place there!!

misha's mum said...

waaaaaaaah ... good life ar you :) hehehhe

Montessorimum said... geng.. :D

L B said...

Waiseh!! LOL! Very the HiTech!! Next, they'll be offering Internet while you get your massage!

Health Freak Mommy said...

What a siew lai lai life you have over in China eh?

chooi peng said...

i tot u using hp to chat tim, LOL

Jesslyn said...

so far i did not hear saloon can surf net, i think china is the first one gua! :)