Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Freezing Cold

The weather here has not been fine since last week, it's raining and freezing cold in my area. However, my area is more luckier than those places in central and eastern parts, as there are having severa snowing that cause transport chaos and death. The roads as well as railways and airport there were closed due to the bad snowing weather. Not mention how the heaviest snow destroyed the crops, the most sadly part is people can't return to their home town for the coming Chinese New Year holidays.

My Maid's kids initially planning to come down to Shen Zhen during the Chinese New Year holidays, but now the plan has shelve. I could see how disappointed of my maid when she talking this to me. It has been few years since her last celebration with her kids, that's why this time she is looking forward to see her kids again. But just none of the train will be working during this harsh weather.

It's about 5+am morning now, but i can't go back to my sleep as it's too cold. The heater i have is actually not powerful enough to warm the room, even my little boy doesn't has good sleep, he only able to sleep well if i put him on my chest. But it's tired for me to carry him to sleep as i myself need to sleep too. I guess everyone would have peaceful night if only i have a Central heating installation in my house. Maybe i really can install one by using the Gas central heating and consider to have Boiler service too, you know, i just hate to wash everything under the cold tap water. The cold water numbs my hands and even sends chills down my spine.

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