Sunday, January 20, 2008

World-wide wholesaler from China

I can sense that this year is another economic recession year like year 1998. Of course, i pray that the economic recession won't come true. Of late, my hubby has lost quite a big number of money due to the sliding of his holding shares. That's why i am quite worrying now.

Nonetheless, life still goes on no matter how panic of life. I have been thinking to set up my online business lately, due to my current situation, i am really not affordable to set up a shop as deprived of start up capital. So, nothing is better to run an online business which doesn't need labor which can solely maintain by myself. I also can consider as a boss too even just running an online business. LOL

Friend of mine wonder where will i get my products for online sales, that's actually simple for me to get the cheapest stuffs since i am staying in China. Actually, if you are not staying in China but wish to get cheap products from China, you definitely can order your stuffs from LightInTheBox. LightInTheBox is a world wide wholesaler from China and they supply 100 thousands of products abroad, so, you can just browse through their site and order the products that you like. Despite you want to set up a retail business or online business, LightInTheBox is always your first choice. Do check it out.

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