Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vista Print

It is common to see people changing their job right after new year, of course, people just make sure they have already got their bonus before they're leaving their old job. But no everyone has the lucky star shinning on him/her, just like my friend who is terrible bad luck in her job. She has no increment and bonus this year though her company was making profit last year. You know, some employers are very stingy to share their fruits with their employees regardless how employees had sacrificed their hard works to the company.

It's quite a strike to my friend as she was planning to use the bonus money to pay a Japan trip for the coming spring holiday. But now the plan has became bubble plan. She has been decided to change her job since her boss doesn't know how to appreciate her hard work, i was quite agreed with her plan actually, that's really no point to work in such an environment, and i believe she can find a very good employer again as she is a very devoted lady who is always prepared to devote herself to her work.

I guess she will get her working spirit and soul back if only she can work with Vista Print. Vista Print will keep your career getting better and gaining equal opportunity like your employer. It has always never been the same to work with this company, which the company is the top 20 e-business company that's revolutionizing the graphic design and printing industries.

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