Monday, January 28, 2008

Central Heating

The weather here is cold these days, it's the cold weather i have ever had so far, it dropped to 6 degree at night which could consider as the coldest day in my area. Everyone at home prefers to snuggle down into the duvet and the heater at home has not been turned off since last week. However, we still feel extremely cold even the heater is on. I wonder is it the weather is too cold or just my header is not powerful enough.

It's not only cold, as it is raining too. I hate the laundry just piled up there and not able to hang it till dried. As for the baby's clothes, i left no choice but have to bring the clothes and hanging beside the heater in order to dry it up. But, just like what i have mentioned before, the heater is not powerful to warm our body as well as drying the clothes. My friend who staying in Beijing which the place is much more colder than here, she said her house is not that cold as her house has Central heating, so it is about 24 degree of room temperature inside the house. Gosh, my room temperature now is about 12 degree even with the heater on. That's why i said my heater is not powerful enough.

I hate to touch the cold water too, but as a full time mother i then have to cook as well as washing my baby's bottles under the cold water. How i wished there is a Boiler servicing facility provided by my management, so that i can have hot running water in the kitchen. As i was told, in some cold countries like UK, Combi boilers are quite popular as it is space-saving and it doesn't need to store hot water, which is different than other types of boiler. Maybe i should have thought of installing one for my house, so that i can say goodbye to cold water.

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