Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He lost his specs

It was a haywire Thursday night i had, everything was happened so sudden till i did not know how to cope with them. My man was not at home at Thursday night as he had a company dinner, i was trying to call him about 11pm in order to know what time he would come back to home. Picked up the phone, gosh, it's no sound, so i went to check the cable, but everything was fine. Then i checked my internet connection, oh boy, there's no internet connection too as there's no flashing signal on my modem. This happens suddenly driven me to nuts as i was initially thinking to use Skype to call my man, ended up, i couldn't make a call. I have mobile phone of course, but my sim card is not local sim card so that i am not able to make any local call.

Since both kids were so demanding, i was left no choice but had to use the house intercom to call the management so that the person on duty could help me to drop a line to my man. You never know how bad of my night as the house intercom was not in the mood too, it was totally no sound when i was trying to make a call to the management down stair. My man was back at the time i was worrying how to make a call to him, but what i welcome back was a man who was roaring drunk and he even lost his jacket, mobile phone and even his specs. Gosh, how could he lose his specs? I think only he knows the reason.

These days he has been using contact lens, however a specs is must for him, maybe i can get him a $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses which is cheap but high quality for him. In fact, i prefer him to wear eyeglasses more than contact lens as he looks more mature while wearing the eyeglasses. The glasses at ZenniOptical dot com are stylish, so i guess my man will love it. Just hope he won't lose his eyeglasses again.

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