Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Avanza is in workshop now

Going back to my home country for Chinese New Year soon, i have been missing my home especially the foods madly these days, just keep the fingers and toes crossed for the coming of Friday as we will take the morning flight back to M'sia. My FIL told hubby that my Toyota Avanza is in workshop now due to the machine overheat. Hubby was told that the car may have an extra charges if we need the car in urgent manner due to the lack of mechanics in this festive season. We left no choice but to comply paying the price that is much more higher than usual days. Actually we should have ordered the Toyota Radiator online so that we do not have to pay the extra, but the time is our constraint for not being to order it from I simply love due to it is a largest radiator distributor in the country which has 60,000 different radiators and ac condensers sale in reasonable price.

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