Thursday, January 31, 2008

Busy of doing house clearance

I am quite busy these days, other than doing my personal errands like going bank, i also need time to do manicure, pedicure and hairdo. No, i am not vain pot, just because the Chinese New Year is around the corner, so i at least to spruce myself up a bit since i have to meet a lot of friends and relatives during this big lunar year celebration. Just like yesterday, i had spent my whole afternoon to have my crystal nails done. It is worth to spend the time as looking at my beautiful and swanky nails now. And, i will go for hairdo and having the pedicure at the same time later.

Blimey, i should not have the manicure first actually, as i found that it is hard for me to do my house chores after getting the crystal nails. You know why, i just scare my beauty nails will get broken while doing the house clearance, if either 1 nail is broken then it doesn't mean it even the 9 still staying beauty there. But what to do, i have to make sure my house is clean as Chinese believes have to clean out the dirt before Chinese New Year, this is because getting out the dirt means to get rid the misfortune as well.

How i wish i can find a House clearance company here, at least there will be a one who can help me to settle for the clearance problem. I tell you, i really willing to pay the service rather than doing by myself. You just do not know how cold of the weather lately, one word, that is terrible.

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