Saturday, January 05, 2008

Shameful Dr.Chua

Dr.Chua's s*x scandal is very hot this week, i can read his news all around. I even read that it needs RM80 for the CD, wah, RM80?? That's too expensive for me, some more, i tell you, i won't have interest to pay RM80 for looking an old man show. LOL

I also received some links that posted in Youtube, but i haven't gone through the links as i need to utilize my time to check out the auto insurance quote for my cousin rather than viewing the video clips.

He is a public figure, how came he could be so stupid to tryst a woman in same hotel and same room every time. Gosh, that's mean he had numerous s*x trysted other than his wife. Sigh, his wife is just so pity, though very angry still have to stand out and said she would still support her husband.


shern's mom said...

oh ya. some of the things he said are plain...erm...silly. what a shame.

L B said...

The only reason it is a scandal is because he is a public figure.