Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sports Bra for better support

It does leave a lot of post-natal effects to me after delivered my second boy, as a breastfeeding mother of course i have big boobs as well as big ass. You know, that's really not nice to hear it when there's the one commented on my big size body. Who doesn't want to be pretty and slim, i do not take any diet plan is because i still want to breastfeed my baby till he is 1 year old, and i am sure i will definitely cut down the carbohydrate and calories that i used to be eating now after he is 1 year old. So, now it is just impossible for me to practice my diet plan.

However, it is always a way to watch the extra pounds disappear, this magic way is exercise. So, who said one's body can't be gone back to pre-pregnancy size even she is not practicing any diet plan? You know, there are a lot of people were successfully got back their ideal weight by exercising diligently. That's why i am planning to start exercise, a simple morning jog or yoga could definitely helpful than trying fat loss products. Be frankly, i really not trust any fat loss products as i always believe it will bring bad side effects to body. If you have been thinking to try the fat loss product, then you better don't try it, believe me, you always can get amazed weight loss results by simply exercising.

I have been joined a boxer class which i could sweat a lot during the class. Sweating is good as it is a best way to detox body, of course it helps to melt my stubborn fats too. I love the boxer class so much, but i was not really enjoyed the class as the wired bra i wore was bringing me a sore breasts, so i seriously thinking maybe i have to invest some of my money on sports bras which are much more comfortable than wearing wired bra.

If you are staying in UK, then the MoreActive.Co.Uk is the best place for you to hunt for your sport bra. They even have an unique activity and size selector that will show you all the sports bra which can match your requirements. Plus, the bras they sell are inexpensive but good in quality. If you are looking for a sport bra that can advantage you when you are dancing, then this Shock Absorber Pump Sports Bra will be ideal for you. It has removable padding hence to enhance your breasts' shape, and it has side adjustment which can add comfort to your side and back. You also can try Shock Absorber Max Support Sports Bra if you are a runner, this bra has double lining for providing sturdy support to your breasts. It is delicate to your skin due to it has stretchy lycra and unique CoolMax fibres which provides good ventilation to skin. Do check the site out.

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