Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One credit card is enough for me

There are just too many types of credit cards in town, and i hate those credit card agents holding the brochure and chasing me to sign up their credit card. I know Credit Card is very useful nowadays, and even gradually substitute of money. I do like to bring credit card out, but for me, i have been always thinking that one card is enough for me, that's really no point to keep few cards in the wallet. Unless your credit limit is low, and that's explain why you wanted to have few cards in your wallet. If you really want to apply more credit card, do visit to CreditCardSearchEngine, at there, you can search, compare and apply for all types of credit cards which including airline miles credit cards, student credit cards, business credit cards, cash back credit cards and a lot more, in short, you name it you get it. Besides, your application will be sending securely and safely though it is being processed online.

1 comment:

Hazel said...

i don't like bring along credit card out coz it' will make me spend more money..