Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Revenue - Pay Per Play

Today i was crazily created new niche blog and embedded Google Adsense to my blog. I hope Adsense can bring some attractive moola to me since i have seen all my friends have been earning quite well in Adsense. I know there are a lot of people earning quite a fair amount of money from blogging due to they have a good PR, especially from the PPP (Pay-Per-Post).

Actually, i can totally forget PPP (Pay-Per-Post) as i have lost my PR, however, another PPP (Pay-Per-Play) has been introduced to me and i was told that i can Earn from every visitor that visiting my blog. For sure, i sign up quickly without second thought when my friend told me this new bandwagon of advertising company.

Do you know how does it work? You can simply install the PPP code in your blog that will go to generate an audio ad which is only 5 seconds in length to your blog visitors, you will still get paid even your blog visitors have turned off their speaker. Earn from every visitor sounds pretty successful with the Pay Per Play, you also can earn from affiliate too. More, this PPP is also available to my space and facebook. Doesn't it sound fantastic? As i know, most of the advertisers are not fancy to put their advertisement at my space and facebook, but this PPP is truly amazed for every social networks.

Do sign up today, you definitely will be hooked by this PPP.


L B said...

Eeek! More sound? :-)

L B said...

sleeping.... sleeping... zzzzzz