Saturday, January 26, 2008

Having a dream bungalow

Some friends of mine said it's a bit wasting money for buying luxury branded bag, in fact my man also said so. For him, monies are better saved for buying properties, maybe as a lady i do not have any long views like him, money for me can simply buy pleasure especially comes to shopping. Yeah, i just like shopping, and i used most of my monies to shop. Perhaps it is a time to think of future, and think of saving the money for my kids' education fund as well as buying properties.

Hubby's dream is about having a bungalow house which built nearby the beach so that we can enjoy a breeze and sunrise every morning and enjoy the sunset every evening. Apart of enjoyments, he likes to jog on the beach too. Well, be honestly, we definitely not able to make the dream comes true due to our little money in hand, some more, buying a property is not as easy as saying ABC, there's a lot of considerations and commitments have had thought of prior signing the sale and purchase agreement.

If hubby really wants to fulfil his dream in short time, then maybe he can contact St Thomas Real Estate, they even provide free guide to people in how to save money on them if buying/selling the property through them. Just keep my fingers crossed to see when i will have chance of staying in bungalow that nearby the beach. I will definitely invite you to my house for barbeque then..

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