Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not accept C.C

I went to whitening my teeth yesterday in the so-called famous dentist nearby my house yesterday, that's my fault for not bringing enough cash in hand and i was initially thought that the dentist would accept credit card like most of the dentists, but to my shock that, no, this so-called famous dentist doesn't has any Credit Card Accepting service, so ended up i had to call my maid and asked her brought down the money to the clinic.

It's relatively failure for a business doesn't accept credit card, i guess one business can be blossomed and run smoothly if the business Setup Credit Card Processing for customers, obviously nowadays majority of people willing to use credit card much more than holding cash in wallet, but due to some merchants not willing to pay the extra charges of processing credit card that charged by credit card company,and that's explained why they prefer not offering any credit card service to people.

If you have online business, it's critical for you Accepting Credit Cards on Website, if you do not have the idea of how Internet Credit Card Processor work for you, then you can call the APlusMerchant, let's see how United Merchant Account can help well to you.

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shannon said...

i can't believe your dentist doesn't accept credit cards! i would think that, ESPECIALLY a dentist, who never does less than $100's of dollars worth of work at a time would accept them. how ridiculous!