Thursday, January 10, 2008

More outdoor activities for my boy

I have been thinking to introduce more outdoor activities to my son, that's definitely better than he spends his weekend in front of the telly and watches Transformer, Ultraman and Harry Potter. I am really in doubt why he never get bored of those movies even he has been watching them for umpteen times.

I was initially thinking to send him to art class which the class nearby my house, but since his school will have organized an art class after Winter holiday, so i just procrastinating this plan and let him starts his art class in his school. Therefore, certain healthy outdoor activities are must for this little boy. Currently, i have 2 plans afoot, one is let him to attend roller skate class which the class is on Sunday, the second is let him to attend soccer ball class which the class is on Saturday evening.

My man prefers soccer ball class for his son since the class is held in the park that opposite my house, that's fine too because more green more healthier, en passant, i can stroll along with my little baby while waiting for my elder boy finishes his soccer ball class. I have promised my boy, i will buy him the portable Soccer Balls net if he well behaved himself for the coming week and no crying while sending him to school. Let's see whether he can do it, he is deserved a new toy if he is a poppet.

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