Friday, January 18, 2008

Those days during my early pregnancy

I still clearly remember those days during i was pregnant with my No.1. Be frankly, that's really not a good experienced as i had admitted to hospital due to the wrong disgnosis by a doctor said i was having the ectopic pregnancy. I also remember that day i felt brainless when i was told that about the "Ectopic". My man was not around me as he was having his business trip in Korea, and i was stupid enough to admit to hospital for not seeking any second opinion from other doctors.

Thanks God that i finally saved my fetus after my SIL dragged me out from hospital and sought for second opinion, after the mis-diagnosis Ectopic case happened, i was also kinda sick during my EARLY PREGNANCY. I caught the fever, flu and cough, gosh, at that time i was definitely not dare to take any medicine even those medicines were prescribed by my gynae, i still remember i let myself shivering inside the room and also didn't have heart to pop the pill down to my tummy. How silly of me during those days! Not mentioned those Chinese taboos too, i would even detour my way whenever i saw a ditch in front of me. As what Chinese believes, the miscarriage would happen if the pregnant lady walks over the ditch. I was quite sensitive over every small matters during my first pregnancy, and i even suffered mood swings, now i think back, i really pity my man and puzzled how he endured my bad tempers that time. He was truly lovely those days!

During the 10 months of pregnancy, my mind always thinking on What is safe and what isn't during my pregnancy?, honestly, it's so tired to have overly thinking by myself, so, now if you are pregnant, i would suggest you to visit to Gurgle, you can find a lot of useful information about your pregnancy at their site, trust me, don't just keep thinking by yourself, you really can trust what other people said, and i believed you would be enjoying your pregnancy very much with the supports by other.

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