Monday, January 14, 2008

Still a strong man?

Maybe i should not blog this, i am like pouring more salt on his wound, but i just can't resist for not blogging it. Yeah, i am going to talk about our health minister. Of late i have been receiving a lot of mails regarding of his sex scandal, and i also receiving a lot of links that link me to watch a man show. Be honestly, i was tempted to watch it too though it is actually nothing interesting on a man who is 60 years old. Just felt tempted but till now i have not linked to any links yet.

As what physiologist said, men tend to have sex craving more than women, so as a lady i really do not know how to comment on his betrayal. Anyhow, it is shameful for a public figure to tryst a woman other than his wife, and, i feel pity to his wife too. Sometimes i do wonder why men tend to be difficult to feed their lustful desire even they have a wife at home. For young men maybe can explain, but how about old men? I have been hearing that many old men used to tryst young ladies, that's why i really wonder where they find their extra energy to perform on bed, i guess they might have taken a lot of Viagra. LOL

If your man really can't perform well and have erectile problem, will you ask him to try Viagra?

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L B said...

Hahaha, I have never tried Viagra (yet)..