Saturday, April 14, 2007

PSP or Nintendo?

Hubby thinking to buy one Nintendo for Jo as his Hong Kong's colleague told him it's very good for kids, as his daughter has learnt a lot of vocabularies from Nintendo. But pardon me, Nintendo is a game, right? I think i'm quite outdated of the latest gadgets in the market, be frankly, first time i heard can learn vocabulary from Nintendo, in my mindset, i always relate Nintendo to Super Mario, i have never thought that nowadays technology has gone that far..

But, don't you think my hubby is overly spoiling Jo? He is just 3 years old, i don't think presently is a right time to let him explore into game world. Then hubby suggested maybe can buy PSP so that he can play too. But, it's really worthwhile to spend the money like this? HK1800 for one, worth meh???

What is your suggestion? Buy or not to buy? Good for kids?


Anonymous said...

my personal opinion is that i suppose it is good such that daddy and jo can have more interaction , mummy can join in the fun also !! :) they do have educational games!

sue said...

I guess if your hubs do buy it, make it a point to limit a kid's time when playing on it, I guess kids just need some discipline when it comes to computer games and such. But I do agree that games can be educational too :D

misha said...

haha .. buy or not buy ar?

hmm... misha has PSP and Nintendo but she only can play after she finished her school work OR while kai kai outside.

i think it is good for kid provided that the kid must know when to play .. if every hour also play .. susah a bit lar :)

huisia said...

I guess hubby will buy one of them as he has been saying "i want to buy" for ages...:)

Anyway, all your comments are appreciated and i will jot it down and set a rule when comes to game playing. I hope both of the Mr.Lai can act a bit discipline especially papa. As he always gives influence for Jo.