Friday, April 13, 2007

Tag - Facts About my Jo

I was quite thick face to ask Michelle pass this tag to me..*big smile* as i really need something to write in between my PPP posts.

On the Outside
Name: Joshua
Date of birth: 15th March
Current status: pre-schooler
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Brownish
Righty or lefty: not sure yet

On the Inside
Heritage: Chinese
Fear: Monster
Weakness: Afraid of thunder sound.
His perfect pizza : Any pizza with lots of "sausage" toppings.

His picks
Pepsi or Coke: Coke (loyalty supporter)
McDees or Burger King : McDees
Adidas or Nike : Mummy prefers Adidas, so Jo has to oblige.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : Yet to introduce to him.
Chocolate or Vanilla : I think neither for him.
Cappucino or Coffee : I think neither for him again.

In the past month
Gone to the mall : Yes, once or twice every week.
Been on stage : During infant baptism, include?
Eaten sushi : Yet to try.

What were he doing?
1 minute ago: Sleeping.
1 hour ago: Sleeping.
4 1/2 hours ago: Playing with his papa.
1 month ago: Read my blog to find out and inform me back.
1 year ago: Read my blog to find out and inform me back.

Finish the sentence
He loves: watching TV.
He feels: secure with papa.
He hates: vege.
He hides: mummy's cane.
He misses: his cousins.
He needs: to learn how to hold the pensil properly.

I'm always so kindness to everyone. So, i won't pass the tag..