Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tagging time again...

Was tagged by Angeleyes about what is inside my bag. In fact, i had done this tag long long time ago until i can't remember when, might be on May 2006. Anyway, no harm to do this tag again as the stuffs inside my bag no longer be the same as last time.

This's my currently used bag, for a hermit SAHM is actually nothing special inside the bag. Normally just an umbrella, digital camera, mobile phone, water bottles (Jo and mine), house key, security card, tissue and money ( i don't hold wallet in China). See, so basically needed for an outgoing yellow-face lady...i don't own any lipstick or cosmetic stuff as i couldn't find a good reason to have one.

Don't feel weird about the size of my bag although nothing much inside. Personally i like "giant" size bag that can match me since i'm giant size. That's good to have big size bag, imagine you can dump everything in after doing your grocery shopping...Sigh, that's why i said i'm definitely a yellow-face lady!

Hehe..sounds so simple to finish this tag. Anyway, thanks Angeleyes to pass me this tag as i'm out of idea what to write before my PPP. Angeleyes, please accept my wet smooch!!

Again, i'm not going to pass the tag to anyone.