Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maid story Part II

Sometimes i just don't know how to describe my maid, having maid is useful but sometimes do bring headache for me. I don't know when she will totally learn to be smart, i have been teaching her and pointing out the wrong parts, but she still seems can't absorb on what i was trying to say. I think she will think me very fussy..and i guess she will be very happy if she knows i am going back to Sabah soon.

When she wants to throw rubbish bag, she never checked whether the rubbish bag is leaking or not, that day she even messed the floor with the rubbish smelly water, then what for she mopped the floor? Somemore, when i asked her to sweep the underneath of sofa, she even given me a very very funny answer "ha? the sofa can move ar?" OMG...can you believe she really doesn't know the sofa can move? Or maybe just an excuse, you know i know la..