Saturday, April 28, 2007

What a good day..

Today is a good day for me...i had a short chat with Vivien before i was going out for my breakfast. Jo was very happy indeed as he had his sausage and cola for his breakfast. Don't misunderstanding, other than sausage, he had noodle, egg and bread too, very typical Hong Kong's style breakfast. After his breakfast then i only gave him the cola....he kept smiling all the way long..

Then, back to home, i boiled a herbal tea and waiting for writing my PPP, but i missed all the higher paying that i already eyeing at the early morning, it has few USD10 and USD14 posts..but i didn't have chance to grab one..but i found my luck from SponsoredReview, the advertiser didn't counteroffer my bid, so i finally successfully to get the USD13 (65% of USD20) for the post. And the duedate is on 3 May.

Hubby will arrive at Bao'an Airport around 3:30pm, i know Jo misses his papa terribly as these 2 days he kept asking me why his papa still not back yet.