Sunday, April 15, 2007

Head scratching again..

About my ranting..

I have to scratch my head and use my brain again everytime i finish my "money making dream". Be frankly, i run out of things to write, so friends, if you would like to pass me a tag, i welcome it and will give you back a big and happy smile! :) Please, more tags come along..

As you seen in my blog, it's no longer a blog for my little Jo as it becomes assorted blog for fulfilling my earning dream. Isn't sound bad? I feel bad sometimes, but just can't pull myself out from the trap. So i have to say SORRY to all of my loyalty readers, thousands of apologizes for including money making posts here. I know i am bad too, i was so rarely to blog before i joined P.P.P, and now i can consider myself as a prolific blogger. I know i sound like very materialistic again..*sob sob*!

Anyway, i feel glad if you still drop by yourself to read my blog, you know, your visit really mean for me! Thanks for accepting me as a member of P.P.P.

OK, have to stop now as it's a time to go back to my slumberland again..