Monday, April 30, 2007

Do you play backgammon? I like to play when i was young, but i just don't have luck to conquer the game difficulties sometimes due to lack of game winning strategies. Nowadays, you are no longer necessary to buy the board from toy shops as you can play the backgammon game online now. is the site offers online backgammon and using a ground-breaking and original approach to promote and establish their skill game software in the online game market. The #1 Player at BackgammonMasters is a animated tiger called Jean-Claude who is humoristic and mafia type.

Now, you even can watch Jean-Claude's animated video online, somemore the video clips can be easily forwarded to friends. The animation series title "Life According to Jean-Claude" even brings hilarious explanation and comparison by Jean-Claude of how to succeed at everything from playing backgammon game. People no longer feel puzzled on how's the game playing as people can easily understand the backgammon game rules from viewing the videos. If people want to know more about online backgammon resource including backgammon rules, terms and winning strategies, please visit to If you want to try out this Backgammon game, you can visit to as they also recently launched three in one game which includes Backgammon, Poker and Perudo (Liar's Dice), all in one download.