Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hubby is away..

View of "Li Jiang".

Hubby was off to "Li Jiang" yesterday night for 4 days 3 nights department trip, Jo and me supposed to join the trip but finally we didn't go as the travel agent said i am not advisable to join the trip. This trip actually is more on hiking, somemore it's a long bus ride (approximately 10 to 12 hours) to "Li Jiang".

In fact, i don't mind to have the long bus ride, i just thinking to have at least one trip before No.2 is arriving. You know, i deprived a trip, a good and happy trip. But ended, my hope has spoilt. It's daunt for me to take care Jo alone as he's very demanding recently, somemore this trip fell on our precious weekend, as Jo only has chance to go out on weekend, but now, he has to stay another week till the next weekend coming. I know he miss his papa very much as he cried badly the moment papa was stepping outside. Very heartbroken to see his teary eyes and redness nose.

Hubby coaxed him but seemed useless, eventually he being forced to tell him a white lie that he's going to "kill" the wild boar so he can't bring Jo along. But you know how was Jo answered him?
J - You bring me there, i stand beside.
P - Cannot, the wild boar is very fierce.
J - Don't be afraid, God will come.
P - You stay at home and eat your cake, is it ok?
J - No, i bring along the cake, i eat the cake here, you kill the wild boar there.
P - *speechless*

We used wild boar as our white lie because the news was broadcasting the wild boar has intruded into the city at the moment hubby about to leave, so we just used this idea to make another story in order to let Jo believed his papa going to be a hero to kill the wild boar. Of course the idea not success. So hubby just ignored his crying and left the house.

The story not ended yet..
M - Papa will be back soon.
J - No, papa won't come back again.
M - Why?
J - He'll die.

I very "pantang" this kind of words when someone is leaving for a trip, somemore Jo is still very young so i really don't know why he knew how to say this. So i quickly called my hubby and told him, hubby felt unsecure too and fell into dilemma. Go or not go? I told him, God will be with you, you just pray, just go ahead if you feel the peace is with you. Hubby called me back after he reached at office, he said he wanted to come back home as he doesn't want to leave Jo. But how to tell people you don't want to join since you're already there? No choice, just join.

Of course, i feel unsecure here too...but i'll pray hard for him.

After our dinner, Jo came to me and asked,
J - Why papa still not home yet?
M - Because he needs to work.
J - No, he is going to kill the wild boar, he said he'll bring back the wild boar for me to eat.
M - You dare to eat the wild boar?
J - Can cook it ma...

Sigh, i know he'll ask me this question thousands of times every now and then till his papa is back. My little poor boy..


Rachel said...

Dont take it into your heart, Papa will be fine, sometimes small children doesnt understand the meaning, cheer up, God will bless you.

sue said...

Eeeee... me also sometimes feel uneasy after hearing those things, specially if going on a trip. But the view is heavenly! How not to go worr.....

misha said...

huisia ..

don't worry ..papa will be fine. Tell Jo that papa is his HERO and papa sure will be back .. not only with the wild boar but also things for him :)

you take great care of yourself and Jo when hubby is not around ok ?

michelle said...

I guess the effect of white lie. Poor you, have to stay at home. Take care yeah, only 4 days mah.

huisia said...

Rachel - Thanks for your words, yeah, God will bless us!

Sue - Very uneasy right? View is truly attractive, but i heard my hubby said the toilet even more "heavenly" stinky! Hahaha...

Misha - Haha, Jo keeps asking me why papa has not brought back the wild boar for him..funny hor?!

Michelle - Ya, just 4 days, and now 2 more to go! Hehee..time flies, you won't know how fast is it when you're too concentrating to something.

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

Choi,choi,choooi! I also feel very "pantang" with such words! But we'll pray for papa's safe journey, okay?

That's the innocence of children. Your Jo sure knows how to answer every one of your remarks! Smart boy!

Mama Tang said...

hey, don't worry papa would be fine. :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Oh gosh, poor you having to take care of a demanding child without the daddy around. Somemore you are pregnant *hugs hug* let's do the countdown.

Btw, I cannot comment in some of your non PPP post. Did you block the comment?

Simple American said...

So where is he gonna get this boar? Kids always remember this stuff. Oh well. Another story. :)