Saturday, April 21, 2007

What an expensive ketchup

Recently just feel a bit craving for ketchup, but here can't find one which is like Malaysia, the taste always feels weird if compare those selling in Malaysia. Saw a brand, Heinz in Wal* Mart which fully imported, have urge wanted to buy it but just too expensive until i got no heart to make a hole to my wallet. It's RMB40, about RM20 per bottle, so crazy as i can use this price buy few bottles of ketchup in Malaysia..nevermind, i am going back soon..or maybe my taste buds will change later.

Other than ketchup, i am craving for peanut too, especially peanut toast, it charged me RMB10, about RM5 for 2 slices only. Wah wah wah...everything seems expensive here..