Friday, April 13, 2007

10th Anniversary Reunion Party Photos (96's legacy)

This is a backdated post.

It has passed 10 years since i was graduated from Tshung Tsin, time passes so fast just like blinking eyes. This year, our batch had organised a grand reunion party in Sutera Harbour on 20 February 07 (third day of Chinese New Year).

I was thrilled to meet some of my old friends who came back from "worldwide", shameful to say, some i have already forgotten their name. And i was glad to see some already became a mother or daddy and even some brought along their kids. That's a wonderful reunion party though not everyone was there. I think just 1/3 of attendants from our 96's legacy.

Anyway, thanks to those people involved and made the party successfully celebrated. I'm looking forward to have this reunion party again!

p/s: the 2 pretty ladies in black in the last photo are my best friends since i was 13, currently, one is in US and another is in Singapore.