Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coca-Cola "Zero"

I have this Coca-Cola collection habit since i was in college. I stored up them in few big Fed-Ex boxes when i was studying in KL. I like them very much and sometimes i would arrange them and took them a picture. You can imagine how crazy am i! But i gave away them to my cousin before shipping all my stuffs back to Sabah, i felt very heart-broken when my cousin moved those boxes into his car..

Recently i found out this "Zero", it tastes better than diet coke. In fact, it tastes is almost like the normal red can one but it's zero sugar. This "Zero" just started on rack in HK, and quite cheap too, HKD15 for 4 cans. Good again for collection. But hubby and Jo are eyeing on my "Zero" lately, i ain't sure whether this "Zero" can survive till i bring them back to Sabah or not?