Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No luck to grab PPP's opportunity

Lately just couldn't get any good opportunity from PPP, my page like never be updated one, everyday no matter how many times i refreshing the page i only managed to see 2 opportunities in my qualified opportunities, but the 2 titles are geographically limited for UK and Australia blogger only. So fed up, just started to earn but now seems like already reaching the peak and no more turning. There are still have other potential sponsors, but so far only PPP can give more higher pay. I have registered few earning money sites, but the price offered just let me can't kindle my mood to write, one post just give $3.25, so how to write for them? It's like so wasting time. As for PPP, i used to grab $15 per post but it already became to history, now even $5 also impossible for me to grab. Sob sob...i want money, but just don't have luck to earn. I think maybe it's the time for me to buy a domain as most of the opportunities from PPP required own domain.