Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tag - why i married my other half?

Tagged by Nicole about why i married my other half?

Here it goes..

  • He was the first guy to date me out when i was studying in KL. So, just no time for other guys!
  • He's Sabahan too, although we're not from same "kampung" (he's from Kudat, i'm from KK), at least no big argument when comes to HOLIDAY! Our only main heading place is KK, Sabah.
  • I am tall, so i have to find one more taller than me. That's him!
  • He's my senior from same secondary school, so we knew the same teachers and buddies. His friends are mine friends, my friends are his friends! So, we have same topic to "kae-poh-ing".
  • He's a Christian and make prayer everyday.
  • He's an athlete, i always "head-over-heels-in-love" to sunny guy.
  • He has strong financial mindset, so i guess i won't be "hungry" and "no money" when together with him.
  • He can play guitar well and did sing for me at the very early courtship time. (I was still below 20 that time).
  • He's a soft-speaking guy, so i always WIN when comes to quarrel.
  • He very "cin-cai" when comes to food, so he won't mind his wife is a lousy cooker.
  • He's my first to many many i couldn't see other points for not choosing him. That's why i married him.
However, story always different after getting married..agree??

Not tagging anyone! Happy enough!