Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I saw USD100 per post twice at midnight!

I saw but i couldn't do anything..

The first time i saw this USD100 was around 1:15am, of course i wasn't that lucky to grab it. The second time i saw this was about 4am, and this shown to me : -

A good tale which is very good to describe this "not your money not go in your pocket"! I do believe..

And whole midnight i felt myself very "hak" (bad luck), i helped my sister booking Airasia ticket around 1am, but only able to access their server around 2am, while everything was keying correctly, the current suddenly cut off right after the page is collecting my credit card information..and this morning i checked, the transaction is failed. So, i have to book again. I couldn't sleep well after the current cut off as the wind was roaring at outside and the windows and doors seemed like not able to withstand the wind somemore...current back around 3am, i woke up to do some blog hopping and even PPP till 5am then only back to bed...

People asked me why i always can grab the high paying post, so do you know why? No sweet bedtime is the reason...