Saturday, April 28, 2007

No grill no secure

Do you still remember there was once a stranger came into my house? If you have forgotten, then you can refer back to
stranger in my house.

All the while we wanted to install a grill as for safety purpose, but our landlord just can't give in no matter how we tried to tell him about our worries. We tried again few days back before we're going to renew our rental contract which is going to due soon.

Landlord is a lawyer and he is a kind of soft-spoken guy, but he stands firm when come to this grill matter, he insisted can't install even we said we would pay the cost. And last, he just said "if you don't like you can move out"...actually, he sounds very stubborn lo..i just can't understand why he so rejected to install a grill, somemore we willing to pay?!

Anyway, he willing to add another big cabinet to our bedroom since the current one just enough for putting hubby's clothes...:)