Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maid drives me to nuts

This is a backdated post regarding my maid.

We are blessed to have FOC maid that allocated by hubby's company. She comes everyday and do some house chores like doing laundry and cleaning jobs. She is the third one, the first one being shifted to other department so the company allocated another one to me, the second so far OK but she made me insane one day as she asked me to clean and arrange the bedroom by myself. I told hubby, hubby decided to change her as he thought that she's quite lazy to order missis back. So come to the third, i was back to Sabah the second day she was here, so basically nobody teached her much on how to do everything (just like Indo maid, no eyes see when Indo first stepping at your doorstep, you can imagine that like they have never used IRON and washing machine before).

I was shocked when i just back from Sabah on March, the laundry bag was BLACK in color, my hubby's towel from blue color to dark blue color, from yellow to brown color and don't count the socks in as some socks were lost. Apart from the clothes, the toilet's wall like 1 year nobody washed it. The basin from white to brownish...etc..Somemore, the balcony, just covered by thick dust like nobody stays in this house. I think people would think my house is a empty house!

Then i asked my hubby "you never realized the dirty while i was not here?" He answered yes but gave me a very helpless looked then he replied again "that's why i ain't dare to let her wash my expensive clothes, i even wash for myself". What?? Tell her your dissatisfaction dear!