Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Block and unblock! I don't think it's cute!

Do you notice the alignment in my sidebar is quite messy, some sticked on left and some sticked on centre. I do hope can arrange them into proper alignment, but most of you know China always loves to BLOCK blogspot, the "gomen" here acts very funny as they can block the blogspot for few days then allow blogspot be accessible for few days, this circle keeps on turning, so most of the time i also don't know when they will block the blogspot and when they will release the blogspot.

Since they always block the blogspot, so normally i am using PROXY to view my page, but by using PROXY, you never known what has been appearing in your side bar, that's why i always can't view my page properly so i also can't clean up my alignment problem too. But, i know those things in my side bar are very messy since some of my friends kept telling me about the untidiness. Sorry la..i can't do anything..