Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bid and Win at

Yesterday, i received a offline message from my hubby, the message is "do you still want the Xbox 360, i can buy for you?", i was shocked when i read the message, i just couldn't believe that he is willing to buy me the Xbox 360 from Hong Kong. That is not his usual behave, or i should suspect perhaps he had done something wrong and going to compensate me??!! Anyway, i don't mind to accept this great offer from him. As long as he is willing to buy, then i will be very happy to accept it. :p

But...why need to be so troublesome to travel down to Hong Kong in order to get me the Xbox 360, some more he can't get the good bargain while buying from the game shop. Why don't he just logon to and try his luck to bid the Xbox 360 to me? At, the way we put the bid is quite different like other bid sites, as only able to win the prize with the lowest unique bid. You can read through the how to play if you want to know more information about what is lowest unique bid.

Can i be greedy a bit? Other than the Xbox 360, can i have more prizes? Hehee...dear hubby, hope you manage to view all the available
prizes and bid some for me, i tell you, i definitely don't mind to receive more gifts from you!

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Michealwusa said...

Just recently I signed up for Photobucket online and in the process you are hit with an ad for bid4prizes upon signing up, this ad is displayed the sam time as photobuckets signup and there is a box that you can uncheck to bypass this but when you sign in it asks for your cell number.

I signed in thinking it was phtobucket and aparently signed up for this useless site Bid4prizes. I was charged on my cell phone $10.00 instantly. As soon as I saw the charge Icalled Bid4prizes and explained to them what had happened, the support person said that as soon as the charge shows up on their records they would issue me a refund.

So I waited a day and called back only to be greeted by a rude support worker who refused to be helpful and referred to me as being stupid.
So of course along with being insulted they have my money and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.
As far as I am concerned this is deceptive and just short of scamming someone.

Just a warning for those signing up to Photobucket and Bid4prizes.

Once the have your money forget about it.