Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Streamyx make me CRAZY

I am not a greedy lady...i suppose, i just use my morning time to earn some extra money, but the lousy streamyx connection wanted to oppose my willing. It drops and very unstable, the page used ages to load and even turned to show me "Cannot find server", that's so terrible, and i also don't know how to make complaints since the TM staffs also inability to fix the problems since i had called them for few times. They came and fixed, but the problem still there. Today is the worst, i keep seeing the light blinking from the modem, and all my internet explorer pages were shown "Cannot find server". So irritating to wait the line back to only i know, Streamyx can't be used if raining heavily, oh gosh, what a Malaysia Boleh here!! I want to go back to China, just miss the China connection so much!

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