Saturday, July 28, 2007

A range hood for my kitchen

There is one common saying "cook a delicious meal to your husband so that he will come back to home everyday", i always believe this saying, some more, how sweet for a family to take a meal, chit-chatting and be united. I enjoy cooking as it is part of my life, i like getting compliments from my loved and i love to see them finished what i have cooked. That's a priceless feel..

Like what i said, i enjoy cooking but i hate the oily cooking smell, i need to take thrice times of shower everyday after preparing the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Isn't it troublesome for taking thrice times of showering? Hubby is thoughtful enough as he is going to install the
range hoods in our kitchen so that i no longer have to bear the cooking smell. Other than my bedroom, kitchen is an another place that i spend a lot of time there, i will enjoy my day in kitchen so much after having the range hoods being fixed.

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