Saturday, July 28, 2007

Travel information from

I am not a good planner, i don't have systematic and organised minds to plan everything..that's why this time my hubby advised me to surf through the internet to find a good
Travel Guide in order to have some helpful guidances before we are boarding the plane to New York. This is our first family trip so i really hope everything is well planned and perfect.

How great is it if i can have some advices and experiences sharing from real travelers, i believe what i have learnt and gained from real travelers is much more useful than simply reading a travel information from book, just imagine, will the travel book publish some negative comments and advices for travelers? And, sometimes those travel books will try to turn reality to fake and provide pseudo information to travelers. That's why, i prefer to read those signify advices provided by
real travelers thereby i can get more resourceful insights for the place that we are going to visit.

Other than those detailed and useful information, i can even plan my trip by using the free
Trip Planner provided by RealTravel. I believe my whole family will enjoy this trip throughly since the Trip Planner is really useful for planning a vacation.