Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A warmest call

Received a call from Chanel just now, she is so kind to ask me what is my baby wishlist as "they" want to send me something, frankly, i don't need anything at the moment la...Thanks for all your concern :)

I need the warmer, but i have asked my hubby bought one for me from HK since it is only RM150 after converted back. That's not wise to buy me the warmer from Malaysia as the price can buy another 1 more. (RM270 here)

Anyway, i really appreciated your kindness...even she could mention that time i said the DRYBEES is very expensive, so that they think of buying the DRYBEES for my Elijah..Emm...haha...i still don't need the DRYBEES at the moment as i already bought few packs of Mamypoko during the sales last week.


L B said...

Waaa, see? All your friends are so nice!!!!

huisia said...

ya..agree! you are nice too!