Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hate your cry..Love your smile

Yesterday was the first night Elijah staying at my mum's place. Gosh, i was so exhausted as he cried from 8ish pm till almost midnight. I offered him the Avent's soother, but i guess the soother is not as soft as my nipple as he kept spitting out the soother and gave me the fake crying. I don't know how to handle this little baby, everynight he sure gives me this sort of fuss. How i wish my baby is like Jo, Jo was a very easy caring baby, just dozed off right after his hunger had been satisfied. But Elijah is totally opposite, keep crying, keep sucking, keep fussing....and i just don't know what he wants?


OuR NeW LiFe'S said...

Could it be that your baby is having colicky that is causing it?

MIM said...

Could be still hungry. You can try to spoon feed formula milk if you don't want the baby to get confused with nipple. When mine cries, it is either wet nappy, hungry or wants to be carried coz sleepy.