Wednesday, July 25, 2007

W-9 tax form from Blogitive

## Notice: In order to receive future payments from Blogitive, you'll need to update your settings with your SSN and a current mailing address so we can send you a W-9 tax form. Click here to update your settings ##

Can anyone tell me how to update my settings? I am not from US, then how can i update my SSN? Speaking to the current mailing address, how to update as well since i totally can't see "Malaysia" at their drop-down menu! So...means i will have problem in receiving their payment??


a.i. editor said...

Hi, I am from malaysia too.

I am experiencing the same problem as you about SSN & W-9 tax form.

I hope Blogitive answers my support ticket & tells me that it is only a bug in the system.

My blog is the movie special blog.

Any development regarding my situation & I shall post on the blog.

maybe you want to exchange links with my blog too?


Simple American said...

You are not an American resident. You should not have a SSN as that is only for resident and citizens. They should have some alternative for you that follows Malaysian laws and tax requirements.

A W-9 is a form that an employee feels out when working for the US company. There is no reason for the US gahman to receive withholding taxes, social security taxes, and medicare taxes from you.

Reply and say you are Malaysian citizen.

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