Sunday, July 01, 2007

No received packet at all

My connection stopped again after 14 minutes of using, from the pictures above, you can spot there's totally no packets received at all within the 3 minutes. Gosh, i have to off the router and reconnect again. Just imagine how irritating of it to "off" and "reconnect" the line again and again. Maybe like what LB said, have to steer clear of Streamyx. But...other than Streamyx, what else i can have? Leaving Malaysia for too long definitely make me "blur blur" on the available services.

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L B said...

Yeah, that looks bad! I am sure there are some bloggers around who can recommend something. I would, but all I can think of is using Starbucks... That was what I mainly did last summer when I was in Malaysia. Buy a cup of coffeee, soit there all day! But in your case, not possible due to your imminent arrival!

Surely some bloggers are doing ok with their system..