Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tag : If i have 1 million

Was tagged by Twin about the title "If i have 1 million".

Emm...1 million, actually not so enough for me to pay so many at one go if we really buy the RM800,000 condominium nearby my mum's place. Anyway, if i really have 1 million, i will :
- save 20% as education fund for Joshua
- save 20% as education fund for Elijah
- give 10% to my parents
- spend 10% for shopping and travelling
- save 30% for my own secure
- give 10% to my hubby :)

I will leave the house and car loan to my hubby, he can use his 10% to pay off them...but, definitely not me to pay. Hehe..very calculative!

Ok, would like to know what other mummies do with the 1 million,

1 comment:

Simple American said...

I think you have done a really nice allocation here. Everyone should be taken care of. :)