Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lovely gifts from 3 pretty ladies!

I received another 3 lovely pressies from Sasha, Yvonne and Ping Long.

An angel white baby shirt with nice sewing "Elijah" name from
A Baby Art Magic Box from
An Avent's warmer from my best friend Ping Long

I am so "pai-seh" when receiving those pressies, you know, i never met Sasha and Yvonne but they are so kind enough to send pressie to my newborn baby! Thanks! I will treat you all a good meal provided i have chance to go to KL again. :)


Angeleyes said...

Wah! So nice of them!!!

Oh, btw Huisia, hope you can update my link on your blogroll. Thanks!

Lana said...

How nice it is to have caring ladies around! are so much fun and nice to receive for the new baby!

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Hope you like it HuiSia. Oh, when you go KL, prolly I wont be around also but if you go SG PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE come visit me ya.. :D