Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I saw Julian's name..

Found this opp this morning, but of course i couldn't grab it since it's a GREY color! What a shock when i saw the Julian's blog in my qualified opportunities since Julian is my online friend and we are staying in the same town! He told me PPP offered this for him as he signed up to be advertiser before but never advertised la....that's why PPP offered this for him! How i wish i could grab this opps, USD7.5 for 50 words, woo...that's so easy!


montessorimum said...

I didn't see the opp, but aware of the opp. What a waste didn't get a chance to write for Julian.

ShannonC. said...

haha, he was complaining about not being able to see it for himself... I was on a look out for it too.... :D

Julian said...

with that amount offered, you cant really offer much posts as there are fees for each paid opp u offer. However, PPP was right in offering the advert because I learnt A LOT from it and may consider creating another opp in the future.